Purple Lindberg Frames

Courting Lindberg – gaining the seal of approval from an eyewear giant

I was at a conference last year in September where one of the guest speakers was Henrik Lindberg, founder of Lindberg Eyewear.

He gave a fascinating insight in to how Lindberg came to be so successful and synonymous with excellence.

Lindberg launched its AIR Titanium frames in 1985 as a direct response to wanting to provide a truly innovative product that can be customised for each individual.

Since then the collection has evolved and gone on to win several prestigious industry awards.

Eyewear demands a service level

Lindberg range in Perspective Optometrists Camden Practice

There were several comments that Henrik Lindberg made that struck a chord:

“Because eyewear demands a different service level. Our eyewear is custom made and fitted to the individual, and no computer programme or website can replace service and fitting you get when measured up by an optician.”

He also said:

“Because Lindberg manufacturing and growth model does not involve mass production of frames in high-volume, the company is able to keep all activities in house and maintain meticulous, vigilant control over logistics, quality and business practices.”

Being a Lindberg stockist has been on our wish list for some time. But Lindberg have changed their strategy as to who gets this privilege, having been “hurt and promiscuous in the past” – their words, not mine!

Our courtship

Since January we’ve been in a courtship process with Lindberg. They’re being understandably choosy and hard to get because they wanted their eyewear to receive the best treatment.

The courtship involved a blind date on neutral territory, email exchanges to get to know each other better and an invitation to Perspective to “meet the family.”

By mid-April we had gained their seal of approval as they could see we were indeed looking to develop a long term relationship rather than a one-night stand.

We spent a morning in April choosing our collection. The big delivery day finally arrived a few days ago.

Opening up the boxes brought back memories of childhood birthdays when opening presents fills you with such trembling anticipation. As we unwrapped each frame the practice was filled with a chorus of “oohs” and “aahs.”

Each piece was carefully inspected, cleaned and put away into our designated Lindberg drawers ready to be displayed and paraded for our discerning clients.

The collection is varied and beautiful and to do it justice you have see, feel and wear them – so why not pop into our practice to try on a pair?  

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